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 drabble for izzie

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PostSubject: drabble for izzie   drabble for izzie I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 20, 2013 6:09 am

AU where paige whatever you decide to name her is a crossroads!demon and noah makes a deal and yeah actually now that i've finished this i have a better idea for it im a dumbass anyway here u go


Hands shook as they dug through dirt and gravel, making a small hole in the middle of the crossroads. Satisfied with the depth of it, the man reached into his jacket's inside pocket, pulling out a tiny wooden box. Noah opened it, double checking the contents. Cat bone, graveyard dirt, yarrow plant, and a photograph of himself, he placed it down in the hole and felt himself growing nervous as he buried it and stood up from his kneeling position on the ground.

Noah turned on the spot, glancing down each of the four roads, once he done a full 360 turn, he saw a young woman had appeared in front of him. He was confused as she approached him, smiling sweetly at him, he was certain he had summoned a demon not a pretty girl.

She stopped a couple feet away from him, her expression changed slightly, still smiling but no longer sweet, the look struck a tang of fear in the pit of Noah's stomach, but when her eyes changed from brown to red, and not even just the iris, the whole of the eyes clouded over red, he jumped back, terrified. The demon laughed out loud and obnoxious like.

“Honestly dear, you summoned me, I don't know why you're so surprised.” She said, the same complacent smile plastered on her face. “You're obviously scared and you really shouldn't be. It's not like I'm going to hurt you, Noah, I'm here to help.” His eyes narrowed as she said his name without him mentioning it.

“How-” He started but she cut him off.

“There's a reason you're meant to stick a little photo of yourself in that little box when you summon me,” She winked. “I know all about you. Every little detail of your life."

The red-eyed demon stepped closer to him until she was inches away and placed her hands on his chest, Noah didn't move but he could feel his heart pounding away from fear – he was sure it was fear – as she spoke, “So, what'll it be? I'll give you anything you want, and all you have to do is agree to visit me at my place in ten years time.”

It took Noah a silent moment to figure out what she meant by that, and then thought over one last time, whether or not it was worth it. He had decided much earlier though that it definitely was. He voiced his (to the demon's surprise – considering his current life, she expected fame, money, something like that, the usual) not so typical-selfless request.

“Done.” She placed her hands on the sides of his face and pulled Noah in for a kiss to confirm the deal.

When Noah opened his eyes after he felt the kiss being broken, the pretty young crossroads demon had disappeared.


sry i didnt write down what his deal was couldnt think of one
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drabble for izzie
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